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PCs & Parts

Democratizing Computers in Kenya


Through a serendipitous sequence of events (more on that here), our team has launched a project with some of Kenya's premier engineering programs to make computers more accessible in Kenya. We firmly believe that building the foundation for a modular computing ecosystem that relies on computer parts already accessible in Kenya and educating those who desire access to computers to build and maintain using these parts is the first step to a democratized and sustainable computer space... So that is what we are doing!


Providing educational tools to equipped Kenyans to build and maintain PCs with the parts available locally. To name a few, we are working with students today to spec and build the cheapest high performing PC possible. As well we will be delivering 100 modular PCs from Kano tech to our partner programs to teach students the inner workings of a computer.


We have built the PCs & Parts platform  to connect the dots between computer part vendors and those who want to require the parts for building or maintaining PCs. Our platform also enables Kenyans to build and sell whole PCs of their own creation. While the MVP is live and working, our Kenyan partners will help us adopt this platform into the Kenyan market as the PCs & Parts program develops!  


The PCs & Parts community is growing already! As we partner with new organizations, we have found new and exciting ways to get inspired builders in Kenya involved in developing the program. Ultimately, PCs & Parts is built for the Kenyan people, and we scale this project with a plan to pass on the torch to those that truly understand the Kenyan market, the local Kenyans themselves. 

We need your help! 

In order to carry out our mission, we are in need of donations. All donations will go toward operation costs such as: buying power adapters for the donated modular PCs, creating content to promote the program, etc (more listed on GoFundMe). Donate today and we'll drop your logo below!